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Faces and Names

When we talk about sex trafficking, it is easy to reduce the victims to a number or a statistic. Average age of a trafficking victim: 13 years old. Average amount of time a woman survives sex trafficking: 7. Number of girls and women in… Continue Reading “Faces and Names”

Up At 4 a.m.

Thursday morning, my alarm chimed at me. It was 4:00. In the morning. Amazingly, it didn’t hurt to get up. “Wow,” I thought to myself (because I didn’t want to evoke the wrath of Jeff by speaking aloud at such an hour). “Bonnie was… Continue Reading “Up At 4 a.m.”

Who’s Awesome?! (Rare Weekend Edition)

Creatives can be insecure. Really, really insecure. Like meltdown-in-the-fiction-aisle-at-Target-because-your-novel-will-never-be-as-good-as-Snooki’s insecure. Not that I would know anything about that specific incident. {ahem} The funny thing is that, although insecure, we can also be very egotistical. I don’t know if that springs from our insecurities. Or… Continue Reading “Who’s Awesome?! (Rare Weekend Edition)”

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