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Everybody Loves Lola

First off, congratulations to Anne Ferris! She won the copy of “Ring of Secrets”! Anne, I’ll get that book to you ASAP! Well…and your birthday present, too.  Last week, I met up with a friend of mine. She told me that she’d read Paint Chips. The… Continue Reading “Everybody Loves Lola”

Faces and Names

When we talk about sex trafficking, it is easy to reduce the victims to a number or a statistic. Average age of a trafficking victim: 13 years old. Average amount of time a woman survives sex trafficking: 7. Number of girls and women in… Continue Reading “Faces and Names”

Up At 4 a.m.

Thursday morning, my alarm chimed at me. It was 4:00. In the morning. Amazingly, it didn’t hurt to get up. “Wow,” I thought to myself (because I didn’t want to evoke the wrath of Jeff by speaking aloud at such an hour). “Bonnie was… Continue Reading “Up At 4 a.m.”

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