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3 Out of 3 Reviewers Agree

  I read some of my reviews. I know I probably shouldn’t. That mature writers most likely ignore them. But I’m not sure that I’m all that mature. So, I read them. My Mother’s Chamomile has garnered a few so far. Just 3 between… Continue Reading “3 Out of 3 Reviewers Agree”

Who’s Awesome?! (Rare Weekend Edition)

Creatives can be insecure. Really, really insecure. Like meltdown-in-the-fiction-aisle-at-Target-because-your-novel-will-never-be-as-good-as-Snooki’s insecure. Not that I would know anything about that specific incident. {ahem} The funny thing is that, although insecure, we can also be very egotistical. I don’t know if that springs from our insecurities. Or… Continue Reading “Who’s Awesome?! (Rare Weekend Edition)”

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