3 Out of 3 Reviewers Agree

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I read some of my reviews. I know I probably shouldn’t. That mature writers most likely ignore them. But I’m not sure that I’m all that mature. So, I read them.

My Mother’s Chamomile has garnered a few so far. Just 3 between Goodreads and Amazon.

One thing all 3 agree on? That, as they read this novel, they felt like they became part of the family. Not that they were observing it, but that they were in it.

Did you happen to know, that’s the very best good thing anyone could ever say about my writing?

It sure is.

And I’m so flattered/grateful/encouraged/glad.




4 Comments on “3 Out of 3 Reviewers Agree

  1. Hi Susie, I read the book over the weekend and reviewed it on Amazon this morning. Loved it, yes, I felt a part of this most unusual, loving, fun family! What an inspiration you had, I have never read anything about Funeral Home/Director’s families. Never considered how hard it is on them, how much care they must give and how it affects their daily lives. I smiled, laughed, and, cried. My favorite part is the tenderness between Olga and Clive, all the time. Keep writing girl!
    Oh, when are you doing the Baker Book signing? Did I miss it? I just wanted to meet you.
    Peggy Matheny


    • Peggy, I saw that new review. Thank you! I had no idea who it was! And thank you for the encouragement! It means a lot to me.

      The book signing at Baker Book house is February 25 at 7 pm. You didn’t miss it! I’d love to meet you.


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