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11 Facts about Black Sunday

If you read A Cup of Dust you know that the story ended on Palm Sunday, 1935. All seems well. Sunny, bright, blue sky, the dust is over. If, however, you know the history of the Dust Bowl, you are aware that the day didn’t… Continue Reading “11 Facts about Black Sunday”

Sweet Mary Spence

 A few years ago I went to an antique store with my mom. She likes to look through the beautiful dishes and wall hangings and such. I find the nooks where the boxes of old family pictures are. There’s something sad about sorting through… Continue Reading “Sweet Mary Spence”

Tornado Week

Boy. Has it been quiet around here or what? Well, the blog, at least. Here at the Finkbeiner Hacienda we’ve had a bit of excitement. Quiet isn’t exactly the word for the week we’ve had.   The thing about a tornado that pops up… Continue Reading “Tornado Week”

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