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In case you didn’t know, last summer a tornado spun its way through my neighborhood. The hardest hit area was our park. 98% of the trees were destroyed. For a city park, we sure had a lot of trees. Last night, there was a… Continue Reading “Blueprints”

Pine Trees, Southern Baptists, and Mourning Doves

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief folks have been in my yard all day. Chainsaws and ladders and ropes. They’ve already taken down two trees and are working on the third (and biggest). But I want to tell you about the pine tree.   During… Continue Reading “Pine Trees, Southern Baptists, and Mourning Doves”

Tornado Week

Boy. Has it been quiet around here or what? Well, the blog, at least. Here at the Finkbeiner Hacienda we’ve had a bit of excitement. Quiet isn’t exactly the word for the week we’ve had.   The thing about a tornado that pops up… Continue Reading “Tornado Week”

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