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5 Reasons YOU Should Come to #Breathe14

The Breathe Christian Writers Conference is an annual event for writers of all levels. It’s great, great, great for beginners and seasoned professional alike. I attended for the first time in 2011 with Amelia Rhodes. From the moment we walked in the doors, we…

Video Blog with Amelia Rhodes! AND a GIVE-AWAY!

Happy Beginning to a New Week! Today, I interview Amelia Rhodes. And not just a normal old interview…but a VIDEO interview! Fun, huh? Here you go! Visit Amelia’s blog now to watch Part 2 of our interview. Click HERE. And, make sure you comment…

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

A struggling playwright, I was constantly in collaboration with directors, actors, production staff. A small group of Church-people, they loved me, supported me, encouraged me. A few times, telling me when I’d gone a little too far in pushing an envelope here or there. They…

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