Video Blog with Amelia Rhodes! AND a GIVE-AWAY!

Happy Beginning to a New Week!

Today, I interview Amelia Rhodes. And not just a normal old interview…but a VIDEO interview! Fun, huh?

Here you go!

Visit Amelia’s blog now to watch Part 2 of our interview. Click HERE.

And, make sure you comment on this post for a chance to win a super duper prize back from Amelia! The prize includes a copy of “Isn’t It Time for a Coffee Break; Doing Life Together In an All-About-Me Kind of World“, a reusable coffee sleeve (I have one and LOVE it), mini notebook, pens, eraser, and a “Coffee Break” necklace made by Amelia and me (over…get this…cups of coffee).

HERE’S what you need to do to enter…

1. Comment on this post. You get an extra entry if you share the story of a time you put yourself “out there” to meet a new friend.

2. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. One extra entry for each post (just go ahead and tag me).

3. “Like” our author pages on Facebook! Amelia’s page is HERE . Mine is HERE. Already like us? Make sure you tell me in your comment.

I will announce the winner on Friday (gives you plenty of time to post and repost).

Have a lovely day!

21 Comments on “Video Blog with Amelia Rhodes! AND a GIVE-AWAY!

  1. Great story how the two of your met. It is such a wonderful coincidence that not only you two met but have been able to go through this journey together. Congrats to you both!
    Heading over now to listen to part 2 and as well as like Amelia’s page .


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  3. I like both fb pages.

    I feel like I have no choice but to put myself out there in order to not have to do life alone. Sometimes I don’t want to. When we moved to Minnesota I wanted to go to Women of Faith in St. Paul. I didn’t want to go alone, I wanted to go with a church. I found one that had a group going. I knew noone there but I called and got tickets and went with a great group of ladies. That church ended up being where we landed in Minnesota. Several of the ladies had GLCC connections which was fun.

    Now that we have moved to Illinois I am starting over yet again. We have been attending a church but I hadn’t really gotten to know any of the ladies. A couple of weeks ago I found an email address that the youth minister’s wife had given me. I emailed her and fell apart to a complete stranger over the loneliness I felt. She invited me to join her small bible study which has been a step in getting to know people here in my new place.


    • Oh, Kelly! How tough. I’m sorry. I’m going to pray that you find beautiful community around your new home. I hope this youth minister’s wife is able to introduce you to some great people. Much love to you.


    • Oh Kelly, I’ve started over in a new state, and my heart truly goes out to you and that ache of loneliness. I’ll be praying that God will bless you with a table full of women to share life with this year. ((hugs))


  4. So fun to hear your story! It truly is a small world…especially since I know you both from different places! Since I became a missionary, there have been plenty of opportunities to take risks in putting myself out there. And believe me, in a foreign language it is even more risky! But it has always been worth it…He is worth it! Thanks Amelia for sharing so many of your stories. I saw your book at Jen’s and couldn’t put it down. Time to get one of my own!


    • Nisae, it’s funny, isn’t it? We have so many degrees of acquaintances!

      I’m sure that living so far away has been a challenge. And the cultural differences, too! I bet you could write a great book about all your experiences! Thank you for stopping over at the blog today!


    • Aw, thanks Nisae!! It is such a small world!

      I can only imagine how difficult it is to step out and put yourself out there in a different culture and language. What is so incredible though is that God’s love crosses all language and cultural barriers!!


  5. What a great story of how you guys met! I have been to the last three Festivals ALONE. But I am kinda a super introvert. Nevertheless I tried to do some of those festival circles and also was accepted into the Lawrence Dorr class and that is what sparked my other writers group. If you step outside of your shell once in a while, there is a whole amazing world out there. 🙂 Like when you go into a coffee shop to meet a new writers group and almost pass out from fright!! 🙂 lol


    • You have done a lot of stepping out lately! And just think, next Festival of Faith and Writing, you’ll have a crew! Not to mention a potential group discount for being in KWC!

      I’m so glad that you stepped out and showed up at our group. You’re a great addition! 🙂


      • Thanks! Discount! Awesome! That fits into my dutch background. 😉
        I like that I am part of a “crew” now. I feel super cool. :)!


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