5 Reasons YOU Should Come to #Breathe14

The Breathe Christian Writers Conference is an annual event for writers of all levels. It’s great, great, great for beginners and seasoned professional alike.

I attended for the first time in 2011 with Amelia Rhodes. From the moment we walked in the doors, we felt like we’d arrived at a family reunion.


Today (July 31, 2014) is the last day to register for the Early Bird price of $115 (this includes all the workshops and two meals).

I wanted to give you 5 Reasons to come. Here goes.

1. You’ll meet new writer friends. Let’s face it. The writing life can be lonely. You need comrades. I’m telling you, you’ll meet them at Breathe. It’s an intimate gathering, so meeting people is less intimidating. Who knows, you might just go home with a collection of writing friends.

2. It’s a great deal. Last September I attended a conference that cost me almost $600 to attend. I’m. Not. Kidding. And I’ll have you know, the workshops at that conference were okay. I didn’t go home with any ground breaking new information. But, at Breathe, attendees pay MUCH less and receive hearty content from the many workshop choices. And, if you register today, you’re getting all that, plus yummy food for $115.


3. You’ll meet fabulous authors. Breathe has a full line-up of seasoned authors who are presenting. We’ve got New York Times bestsellers, award winners, and the like that span across all kinds of genres. It’s great to meet authors you admire and find that they’re great people (that’s been my experience at Breathe). Our presenters are accessible and eager to encourage.

4. It’s held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to GR, but it’s a great place to be. Especially for authors…and especially for those of us writing for the Inspirational market. A few pretty major publishers call Grand Rapids their home. Also, Fall is the season for Art Prize (Grand Rapids’s big art contest). Plan to come early or stay after the conference to check out the exhibits.

5. You are a writer. Perhaps the most difficult thing when one starts writing is to adopt the name of Writer. It seems pretentious, right? Maybe a little goofy. But the Breathe planning committee  and founders are of the strong belief that writing is a calling. And part of that calling includes community and encouragement. We’d love to be that group for you.

I truly hope that you’ll consider coming to Breathe this year. It is worth every single penny. It would be great to see you!

Photo by Martie Bradley
Photo by Martie Bradley


10 Comments on “5 Reasons YOU Should Come to #Breathe14

  1. Hi Susie! I just registered for Breathe yesterday. I look forward to meeting you as well as the other wonderful writers. I’m from Michigan, and it will be nice to visit Grand Rapids. See you in Oct.


  2. Thanks for the info and reminder! I just registered and booked my room! I hope I get to meet you!


  3. I’m so envious of all you who are going to be involved in “Breathe!” I’d love to attend, but I’m on the other end of the spectrum, a reader/reviewer. I suppose attending the conference could teach me how to improve my reviews? Have fun! Hi to a wonderful group of writers!


    • Nancee, you could always come Friday night to hear Julie Cantrell! I believe it’s only $10 to get in for that event. It would be LOVELY to see you!

      And, yes, you are a writer. A very valuable one to those of us with published books.


  4. So excited for this year! It’s going to be fabulous! You guys have put in so much hard work and I know it’s going to pay off! See you there!


  5. I just left a conference that cost me $650. And you are right–I don’t think the sessions were 650 times greater than the free nights I attend at Jot a couple times each year.


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