Starbucks, Hard and Fast Work, Chatty Friends

IMG_20131022_125932I showed up at Starbucks for my dose of caffeine. My intention was to start working, hard and fast, first thing. 8:00 am on a Monday morning.

It was going to set the frantic pace for this week.

And I was going to start with a wonderfully profound blog post.

But then a few friends walked in.

They sat at the table next to me, letting me do a few things while we chatted.

We caught up, talked about our weekends, what sermon we heard at church, talked about watermelon (yes, really…watermelon).

Now it’s 9:11 am and I’m just starting to get to work.

But I don’t feel anxious about it. Not one bit. In fact, I realize how much I needed that hour to gab with a few of my friends.

I’m choosing to give myself a little grace. I’m choosing to see the slower-than-expected start as a gift. I’m deciding to be grateful for how this morning turned out to be different than I expected.

Sometimes we need to allow for a breather. Especially at the beginning of the week.

I hope you find a chance for a breath today. Sometimes when we get so caught up in our busy-ness we forget to live.




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