A letter to my 19 year old self

Hey, Happy Birthday.

You’re me half a lifetime ago. I’m 38 now. It seems old to you, I know. But it’s gone by in a snap for me.

So much happens to you before you become me. You have a lot of really great days. You accomplish quite a few things. You fail more than you succeed (believe me, one day you’ll be okay with it). There are more than a few surprises coming your way (both good and bad).

Right now the world seems wide open to you. Your dreams are big, huge, multi-colored beauties. You dream audaciously.

Most of those dreams will fall away. It will hurt when they go, but they have to in order for other dreams to rise to the surface.

Don’t be afraid to let go. It frees up your heart and your hands for what’s coming.

I remember our 19th birthday. You think you have life pretty well figured out. You’re set. All you can see if happiness.

I hate to tell you this, but you’re in for a rough couple years. There will be days when you feel completely alone. On those days, remember that you are loved. You’ll think that God is done with you. He isn’t. Oh, trust me. He isn’t. You’ll wonder if you’re strong enough to forgive. You are, but you’ll need to keep remembering Jesus as you forgive not once or twice but over and over again.

You’re going to mess up some. You’ll do stupid things. Say hurtful words. Damage relationships. You won’t just stumble. You’ll full on topple end over end.

Nope. I can’t tell you what choices you shouldn’t make. I won’t tell you who to avoid. You have to go through all of that to become me.

What I can say is this: Remember grace.

Remember grace.

Oh. And I will tell you another thing. Buy stock in L’Oreal. You’ll be buying enough hair dye in the future to keep that company thriving.

Enjoy being young. It doesn’t last long.

Don’t dread 30. It’s the best decade yet.

Stop hating your body. Life is far more than jean size and smooth skin.

Don’t listen when someone tells you you’re too sensitive. Sensitivity is your super power.

Keep your heart open to love.

And remember grace.

6 Comments on “A letter to my 19 year old self

  1. Oh Susie! This is comical to me, cause I’m thinking the whole time, YOU are so young! YOU have so much in front of you and so much opportunity! I came into the writing world late, in my late 40’s to early 50’s. I’m 54 now, as much as I hate to even write the number, but I love hanging around with thirty-somethings, and even younger (not sure what they think…lol) I also love to be with the elderly and learn from their wisdom. But I’m just so thankful that I am in the writing world now, and finally just beginning to break in, so go for it girl! I figure as long as God gives me breath, I’m going to write and speak about Him and His faithfulness! It’s so fun to do and to meet so many wonderful people! You are one of the first authors I knew, and can’t quite remember how I knew you before that first Breathe conference. But sure glad to know you! Anyway, thought I’d look your blog up today, cause I was thinking I hadn’t heard from you for awhile, but I think you’re working on your next novel!


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