My Least Favorite Presidential Candidate

I have a love/hate relationship with election years. You may not know this about me (because I refuse to enter political discussions online or in person) but I am intrigued by our government. Most specifically, I can’t get enough of those silly little politicians.

There isn’t a debate I won’t watch (both parties). I read articles and follow up with certain people who are running. I spy on other people’s Facebook debates. To say that I’m an informed voter is a bit of an understatement.

In this election cycle I have my favorite. And, no, I’m not going to tell you who it is. My mama taught me it was something to keep close to the sleeve, your political leanings. But I do have a favorite.

I also, however, have my least favorite. And I mean this candidate falls all the way to the bottom of my list, not just of politicians but of almost everyone. I cannot stand that candidate. My blood boils, hackles raise, teeth grind at any news of this person.

If I knew that person in real life I would do everything I possibly could to avoid him/her.

This morning I was thinking about this unnamed presidential hopeful and realized how close I was to actually hating him/her.


Real hate.

Oh, how it stung to realize that. Doggone it. I am not called to hate. I’m commanded against it.

In fact, I’m supposed to love that person.

Dang it all.

And I’m supposed to pray for that person.

(Kicks at the ground) But I don’t wanna.

And I’m supposed to find a way to bless that person.

(eye roll) Do I have to?


But what about what he/she said about __________________?

Still. Love.

What about when he/she did _________________________?

Love. Yup. Love.

Okay. What about the time he/she mocked ____________________?

You know the answer. Love.


Nope. Sorry. No excuses. Just love.

Does that mean I don’t stand up for what’s right? No. But it also doesn’t mean I demonize him/her. Can I call out the wrong he/she does? Absolutely. But I don’t get to debase him/her. Christ does not allow for me to dismiss him/her.

And why not?

Because this person – this human I don’t like and most decidedly do not agree with – was created in the image of the same Father God who created me. Because this person – this human who says hurtful, venomous things – is loved by Christ every bit as much as I am.

I am to love and pray for this person – this human who makes me feel rage I’m not comfortable with – who has a purpose and potential to serve God (whether he/she chooses to or not) just like I do.

And because this person – this human who is near the top of my least favorite list – is  beloved of God.

You know what? It doesn’t matter how I feel about him/her or if it’s fair that he/she is afforded love. My job is to pray and love.



And so today I start a routine of praying for this person. Not against this person (like I may or may not have been doing the past six months). And I’m praying that I can come to a place of loving him/her.

This is going to be hard. Somedays it might make me angry.

But I’m going to try my best.



10 Comments on “My Least Favorite Presidential Candidate

  1. Thanks for this -it’s difficult for me to understand the hate and vehement stubbornness of those feelings towards political people. You explaining your feelings helps, puts a little light on the subject. I have to remember you all don’t really mean to hate. 🙂 communication and openness always a gift that leads to better understanding.


    • Thanks for commenting, Christine.

      I think part of the issue is how in-your-face this campaign has been. We’re hearing non-stop sound bites and only snippets of what is being said. Everything really can be taken out of context so easily. And we don’t get much of a break.

      I’m not sure if by “you all” you mean Christians, but I will say that no, we don’t mean to hate. It sneaks up on us. I’m just grateful I felt convicted of it before I let that hate take over my heart.

      We are called to something higher. That’s love. Love is hard, but it’s worth it every single time.


  2. Absolutely agree. What I find even harder is to love people physically, emotionally, or relationally CLOSER to me…that we nudge shoulders with, who are acquaintances, who rub us the wrong way. The world isn’t made up of just friends, lovers, and comrades. Most people understand the saying “agree to disagree.” But, I find it’s the people who won’t just “agree to agree” with each other that drive me crazy.


  3. For heaven’s sake, Miss Susie! I have a candidate like that too. I’d convinced myself that just keeping my mouth shut about him/her was enough. Not hardly. Thanks for the challenge to walk the narrow path, honey. Grr.


  4. I have more than one in this category. What a healthy challenge, Susie. I get the point. I don’t like it much, but I will begin to follow your lead. Thanks, I think. I did need that….badly.
    We have missed seeing you the last few years. Linda says hi.


  5. Thanks for the reminder as a we head into this uncertain political season, SF. Always appreciate your kindness towards others – even those you may not necessarily care for.


    • Thanks, Cathy. I’m struggling, to be honest. But I know my struggle isn’t with any flesh and blood. It’s deeper than that and I am SO thankful I don’t have to thrash about on my own.


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