You Don’t Have To Roar

courage doesn't roar


Today is one of those days for me. I’m battling a several days long migraine (thanks to the air pressure). I feel like all the roar is gone from me at the moment.

Today is a “I will try again tomorrow” day.


8 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Roar

  1. Yep. Yesterday was my totally “try again tomorrow” day. Rough time in therapy and rough day with this stupid disease … I was just done. The sun still came up today. I plan to spoil myself and buy new piano music. Be kind to Susie!


      1. eek .. I definitely spoiled myself with new music today … thank gosh for a discount at the store … but Christmas Carols will be coming from piano soon. (oh yeah, sorry to the neighbors) ;). And thank you, Susie!

        What did YOU do to spoil yourself????


  2. Some days are less roar, and tiny kitten meows. Kitty meows are cute. Oh wait, you hate cats…Um…it’s like a tiny puppy bark. Yes, that’s it. You can be ferocious tomorrow 😉 Love you, hang in there!


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