You Don’t Have To Roar

courage doesn't roar


Today is one of those days for me. I’m battling a several days long migraine (thanks to the air pressure). I feel like all the roar is gone from me at the moment.

Today is a “I will try again tomorrow” day.


8 Comments on “You Don’t Have To Roar

  1. Yep. Yesterday was my totally “try again tomorrow” day. Rough time in therapy and rough day with this stupid disease … I was just done. The sun still came up today. I plan to spoil myself and buy new piano music. Be kind to Susie!


      • eek .. I definitely spoiled myself with new music today … thank gosh for a discount at the store … but Christmas Carols will be coming from piano soon. (oh yeah, sorry to the neighbors) ;). And thank you, Susie!

        What did YOU do to spoil yourself????


      • We went on a playdate (no school today…which was so nice). The mom happens to be a friend I really like. The kids had fun and so did I.


  2. Some days are less roar, and tiny kitten meows. Kitty meows are cute. Oh wait, you hate cats…Um…it’s like a tiny puppy bark. Yes, that’s it. You can be ferocious tomorrow 😉 Love you, hang in there!


    • Funny story – I almost asked Jeff if we could have a cat. I don’t know what I was thinking.

      Thanks. I’m feeling a little better. Still not ferocious, but better.


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