Daydreaming and Change


I’m in the wondering phases of novel writing.

What does that mean?

Oh, it means that I’m not ready to write yet. Not. A. Word. I’m daydreaming a lot. Asking, “What if…?” I’m typing about a kazillion Google searches a day, trying to follow my little zippy imaginings of what I can do with this or that character.

I’ve been here before. Two years ago I was wondering about how to set a novel in a funeral home (that one became My Mother’s Chamomile). One year ago I was pouring over documentaries and books and photos from Depression Era Oklahoma (that book is A Cup of Dust, releasing with Kregel Publications in Fall, 2015).

Here I am again. I’m happy to be back in this place as a writer. Why? Because anything is possible.

This time it’s different, though. Instead of starting fresh with brand new characters, I’m keeping with the ones from A Cup of Dust*. But it’s not just about the characters or setting.

I’m not the writer I was a year ago. Or two years ago.

I’ve changed.

As I’m jotting notes in my idea journals and thinking on all the conflict I can pour down upon these characters, I feel like I’ve left Kansas.

I can’t wait to see what this next novel holds.

P.S. The allusion to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is intentional. It’s a clue. You’ll see later on what it means.

*NOTE: this book I’m working on hasn’t been picked up by a publisher yet…so it might end up being a story about different characters. It could be a second in a series or stand alone. Either works for me. That’s the biz, baby.

4 Comments on “Daydreaming and Change

  1. Oooh – such a fun stage to be in. Praying for the joy of it – and God’s direction.

    By the way, I DID buy “My Mother’s Chamomile” the other day. Next step? Open the file LOL.


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