Beating Up Inspiration

Jack London
Courtesy of the Breathe Christian Writers Conference

Friends, today I am completely uninspired by the idea of blogging. Completely. I’ve written and deleted no less than 6 rambling attempts at a blog. Each one had some potential, I guess. Still, they all stunk.

So. I deleted them.

I thought about heading over to the couch to sit and wait for inspiration to come along. But, really, on these sinus pills I would have only found the inspiration to snooze. I thought about peeking in the freezer for inspiration. But all that’s in there are frozen peas and ice cream. I doubt I’d find anything there but a strange combination for a snack.

I remembered this quote from good old Jack London (a real cheery fellow). So, I grabbed my metaphorical club and started writing this post.

I found inspirations, knocked it over the head, and dragged it back to my writing cave.

Problem? The inspiration wasn’t for this blog. It was for the novel I’m working on.

So. Excuse me. I’ve got to get an ice pack on inspiration’s head and then milk it for all it’s worth.

See ya!

Just for fun…what do you think of this quote? Where do you go hunting for inspiration? When you find it, what do you do?



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