The Book I Want To Read


I’m near the end of my edits for A CUP OF DUST (my novel in progress). Thus far I have bled 7 purple pens dry and used 3 yellow legal pads full of paper. I can’t even come close to guessing how many cups of coffee I’ve poured down my gullet (is it a thing to say that a lady has a gullet? For some reason, I only think of Falstaff when I read that word).

Can I tell you something? I really love this novel. Yeah. I go between thinking it’s garbage one minute and a beautiful story the next…but…for the most part, I’m having a really good time with the writing. And editing. And rewriting.

I really am.

Why? Because I’m writing a novel I would like to read.

Many authors have been attributed as saying, “Write what you want to read…if there’s a story you want to read, write it…etc”. So many, in fact, that it’s difficult to know which one said it first.

Regardless. It’s true.

When I wrote Paint Chips I wanted to read a Christian market book with a big old bite in it. I wanted to read something that challenged and moved me. I wanted to read about redemption from really dark places. It was the book I wanted to read.

In writing My Mother’s Chamomile I wanted a book to help me mourn the loss of loved ones. I wanted something that would help me justify the hopelessness we sometimes feel when someone we love is dying. It was the book I wanted to read.

And now, I’m writing a novel about a time in history that has always held my fascination. And I’m writing the story of a girl who is loosely based on someone I love. Jeff keeps saying, “You have been amping up to write this novel for years”.

He’s right.

I’m not saying it will be a best seller (but a girl can hope). And I’m not saying I’m Steinbeck (I don’t think he was a very happy man anyway). But what I’m saying is this…

This is the best thing I’ve ever written. And it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

I’m loving every single minute of it.


P.S. Just because you’re my faithful blog readers I’ll let you in on a little backstage secret. A CUP OF DUST is just the first in a series of (I hope) three novels about the same protagonist. I have a lot planned for her…and all of her stories will be ones I’d love to read.

Is there a story you’d love to read? Why not trying and write it? I know. It’s scary. Trust me. I know. But it’s worth it! This also goes for the song you want to hear or the painting you want to see. 

9 Comments on “The Book I Want To Read

  1. I am writing a book I want to read. . . . I am on the fourth one. I have avoided most of the editing up to this point, but this one is the closer, so I will be forced to go back and fix (almost) everything before trying to get them published. . . . Wow, it is really weird to type a sentence like that. 😀 A year ago, I never ever thought I could be published and now I think I am up for the fights, with publishers, editors, my own characters, the plot holes, everything!

    I can’t wait to read your next book and I have a few other friends who have begged me to keep them informed (they are not techie enough for a blog, though I tried to get them in on the fun).


  2. A SERIES!!!?!?! drooling already….

    I love this post…makes all the little insecurities drift away and gives me the freedom to just enjoy the story 🙂

    I can’t wait until A Cup of Dust comes out! 🙂


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