I Breathed

This last weekend, I participated in the Breathe Christian Writers Conference in Caledonia, Michigan.

By “participate” I mean that I…

~Sat on the planning committee as the hospitality coordinator (a full year commitment)

~Refilled a few coffee pots (seriously, the writers get scary if they’re without coffee for too long)

~Led a workshop about blogging (so I feel really compelled to keep up with my blog right now…)

how to train

~Sat on the “Ask the Author Anything” panel (I’m still trying to get used to this author title)

Photo by Martie Bradley
Photo by Martie Bradley

~Met with new and seasoned writers to discuss blogging, novel writing, the life of an author, etc. (which was exhausting for this introvert…but so rewarding)

one on one

~Signed a couple copies of Paint Chips for very kind book lovers

I also had the pleasure of sitting and listening to a few very special presenters. I’m still working on processing the experience.

But, for now, I’d like to encourage any of you who are writers. October 10 and 11, 2014 is the date for the next Breathe Conference. It’s a fabulous weekend full of relationships, writing discussions, Spiritual refreshing, and just plain old fun. Save up your pennies and mark off the dates on your calendar. This is a conference you don’t want to miss!


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