Getting Ready to Breathe


Tomorrow, at this time, I’ll be running around with bubbly bumpy nerves flitting about my tummy. Excitement and nervous energy and massive doses of caffeine will keep me going.

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2013 Breathe Christian Writers Conference. I’m leading a workshop on blogging (for which I feel under qualified). I’m also on an “Ask the Author Anything” panel discussion. Anything? Oh boy. On top of that, I’m the hospitality coordinator. And that makes me more nervous than anything.

I just need to remember to smile. Have fun. See the good in all situations. Well. Most situations. Some. A few.

Can I tell you something? This conference is a reunion. The people coming feel like cousins and aunts and uncles. A few even feel like siblings.


look in the mirror

It’s a huge, crazy family of writers who come together to fill the air.

We fill the air with our exhaled words, marking the pages of our writings. We breathe in the support of each other.

Even with the flutters in my tummy, I can’t wait to spend time, taking in the life giving air of other writers.

Tell me. What energizes you? What keeps you going? Encourages you? How can I encourage you better?

One Comment on “Getting Ready to Breathe

  1. Susie, I can hardly wait. I’m so excited for the conference. It will be great to see you again. But you give me pause: am I an uncle or cousin? (I hope I’m a cousin, but fear I’m an uncle!)


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