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4 Things YOU Can Do To Fight Human Trafficking

Detroit is 158 miles from my front door. This isn’t a post about the bankruptcy. Or about government bailouts. This is about how, over the weekend, 10 children were rescued from human trafficking. In Detroit. In all, over the course of the weekend, 105…

In My Own City

The other day someone asked, “So, why did you write a novel about Human Trafficking?” I paused before I answered. I guess because I didn’t intend for Paint Chips to be about human trafficking. Or because it’s such a difficult topic. That is a question…

>Oh how I love chocolate!

>(This is a contribution to The Diaper Diaries for her “Things I Love Thursdays”) Friends, I have an addiction. There are days when it’s all I can think about. My skin crawls without it. I start drooling all over my very unfashionable clothes at…

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