>Oh how I love chocolate!

>(This is a contribution to The Diaper Diaries for her “Things I Love Thursdays”)

Friends, I have an addiction. There are days when it’s all I can think about. My skin crawls without it. I start drooling all over my very unfashionable clothes at the mere mention of it. I love…

…chocolate (just in case you had no idea what that picture was…and, in that case, I worry about you).
Mmm. Just the way it melts on the tongue. How it relaxes me and then hypes me up with all the sugar and caffeine. It has the power to tap into all my dietary weaknesses (especially when there’s a salty flavor involved).
But here’s the problem.
This is who picks the cocoa beans that go into most chocolate that goes into the mouths of Americans. But he looks so happy, right?
I’m sure he’s not. This child is a slave. He won’t go to school. Won’t get paid for his long hours in the fields. Will never even taste the candy that his labor makes possible.
When I heard about this child and the other thousands like him…well…let’s say I thought my chocolate eating days were over.
Then there’s this…
Green & Blacks is a Fair Trade Federation company. They only use cocoa in their chocolate that has been sourced ethically and responsibly. They, in fact, vastly improve the communities from which the cocoa is harvested (which is, by the way, in the Dominican Republic…which makes my heart even happier).
But…how does it taste? Is it actually any good.
Oh, sister (or brother…I don’t know who’s reading this), the flavor is leagues beyond anything you can get at the gas station.
This is one thing that I love…not just because it is delicious and wonderful…but also because it is a better choice for the world in which we live.

3 Comments on “>Oh how I love chocolate!

  1. >YUMMY!!! In case people are wondering you can find it at Target and some (not mine boo hoo) Meijers and most health food stores (which is funny b/c healthy it is not)


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