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You Wrote A Book About THAT?

I was out to lunch with my friend Janet a few months ago. Now, one thing you need to know about Janet is that she has no filter. She says exactly what she thinks/feels/etc. Our lunches are never boring. Oh. And she doesn’t have… Continue Reading “You Wrote A Book About THAT?”

Mercy For The Philippines

The other day, I wrote about feeling helpless. Today, I’m writing about feeling empowered to do something to help. Specifically to help those in the Philippines who are suffering in the aftermath of the Typhoon. We serve a God who moves and loves and… Continue Reading “Mercy For The Philippines”

Little Miss Tender Heart

My daughter got her very first bee sting this summer. I was able to calm her cries of pain with some ice and a few hugs and kisses. She told me all the facts about bees that she’s learned from the Wild Kratz and… Continue Reading “Little Miss Tender Heart”

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