#FBF: Fun Slang from the 1960s

The 1960s introduced some fun slang into the vernacular. Often, these words were already in use, but were given a new definition. While some of them endure today, others fell out of use.

Some of them need to make a comeback, my friends! Why? Because they’re fun. Let’s see how many of these words we can work into our conversations this week.

  • Peachy keen: fine, great, satisfactory. I think you’re peachy keen, jelly bean!
  • Cat: originated in the 1930s as a word for a jazz musician. In the 1960s it was more generally used for cool guys. You see that cool cat across the street?
  • Truckin’: walking toward a specific destination, with purpose. I best get truckin’ or I’ll be late for work!
  • Dig it: term of appreciation and acceptance. Did you hear about the new pizza place in town? I can dig it.
  • Marvy: short for marvelous. I love your dress! It’s marvy! 
  • Far out: term of approval. You got accepted to Harvard? Far out, man!
  • Bippy: hind end. I hope I don’t fall on my bippy while ice skating.
  • Fooey: an exclamation that something is not right. He said that about me? Fooey on him!
  • Hotdog: term of amazement. I got an A+. Hotdog!
  • Nifty: cool, neat. Your new shoes are nifty.
  • Outta sight: cooler than cool. My new washer and dryer set is outta sight!
  • Spiffy: term used when something looks good, neat, or cool. I saw that you swept the floor. Now the kitchen looks spiffy.

Do you have any 1960s terms that you’d like to have come back? Be a cool cat and leave them in the comments. That sure would be nifty.

6 Comments on “#FBF: Fun Slang from the 1960s

  1. LOL! This is too fun. I love marvy and bippy especially! I think in our family we still use “truckin”. And my brother used to say, “You bet your sweet bippy” but I don’t think any of us ever knew what a bippy was. haha!


  2. The only one of these I DIDN’T know was bippy. I think THAT one should come back – totally. And peachy keen. Fun post!


  3. I still use bummer and rats when I’m displeased. Grungy even sounds like it means. Groovy times are still a blast, way cool, neato or far out (your list). Lastly, I don’t see how anybody can be both laid back and heavy.
    Not that I use the term any more, but going steady had nothing to do with Xlax, and make out was never confused with writing a check.
    Reminiscing like this is a real gas.


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