The Grateful Girl and Veteran

On Saturday my family went to the Fourth of July parade. My daughter had spent an hour making a poster to hold while she sat on the curb.

“Thank you, Veterans!” it read.

She even drew a bald eagle on the poster.

It was a very sweet poster and made with a lot of love. That’s the most essential ingredient to everything my daughter makes.

When the veterans came marching down the street, all the parade attendees got to their feet, applauding them as they passed. One man, he must have been in the Vietnam War, saw her sign out of the corner of his eye.

“Thank you for the poster,” he called out to my daughter, his voice shaking.

She smiled and hopped the way she does when she’s excited.

“He liked my sign!” she said.

My friends, it take so little for us to serve others. It takes just a fraction of our effort to encourage someone else. But when we inject that effort and service with love it can make all the difference in the world, even to one person.

Oh, the lessons and reminders I receive from these three kids God gave me. I’m so grateful.

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