It Takes Courage

I’m pretty much a scaredy cat. In fact, I’m afraid of cats. Truly. Even little kitties. I’m also afraid of sharks, rats, spiders, lice, skunks…among other assorted nouns.

I’m frightened by those tubes of crescent rolls. Those stupid things really shouldn’t be so inconsistent in their explosions. I get dizzy when I’m in high-up places. Crowds make me nervous.

Okay. This isn’t a confession blog. Suffice to say, I’m a lily-livered, yeller-belly, coward.

Problem is, it takes courage to be a









So, how does this faint-of-heart girl make it? Hm. That’s a good question.

I could wax theological. Could give 5 steps to becoming a more courageous person. I’m sure there’s a meme somewhere that would work perfectly, nestled in this post.

But I’m not going to do that.

I’m just going to write the truth. What works for me. It might not work for you. But it might give you an idea of what will…it might prod you a little to find what does work.

Here’s how I, a gutless girl, make it in all that I do.

I just keep going.

In Scripture, Paul calls it pressing on for the prize. And that’s what I’m trying to do. The prize isn’t publication. It isn’t well groomed children who get all A’s. It’s not a beautiful house or a perfect marriage.

The prize is doing what you’re given to do. And doing it as an act of worship, of thanksgiving to the One who gave you the work in the first place. The prize is being called a good and faithful child of God.

In my writing life, I’m working on a novel that doesn’t have a publisher yet. I’ve had moments of paralyzing fear over that.

But I keep writing.

In my home life, I have three kids who are wonderful, but who are becoming more independent every day. Nightmares visit me, telling me all that could happen.

But I keep parenting.

In the world, bad things happen every moment of every day. Sometimes I think I’ll crumble under the grief for what others are capable of doing to each other.

But I keep living and praying and trying to act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with my God.

Whatever you have to do, whatever it is that scares you…don’t let the fear defeat you.

Keep going. Keep living. Keep loving.

Press on.

It takes courage to be who you were made to be.


7 Comments on “It Takes Courage

  1. Wonderful reminder, thank you! There are so many fears that are paralyzing….it’s hard to remember that despite that, God is there and he wants us to keep going!


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