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October is when leaves come to full color just before dropping to the ground. Well, here in Michigan, at least.

The trees are left nude, vulnerable. Exposed.

By the end of the month all that’s left are wiry, twisting branches. The dark covers us earlier. Soon, the sun will be only an occasional visitor.

But all the while, all through the winter, hope waits inside those branches. It waits until just the right time to bloom into flowers that will grow into leaves.

Hope waits. Just below what we can see. All we have to do is wait. Watch. Remember that it’s true.

In life, we often have the opportunity to become that hope for someone else. And that’s what we’re doing this October. I hope you’ll help me out.

The Hope Project is a ministry based in Muskegon, Michigan. It’s purpose is to “restore hope to victims of human trafficking”. Instead of restating all that they’re about, I’d love to encourage you to go to their website. (click HERE).

This month, I’m holding a fundraiser to support The Hope Project. 50 cents from each (the download costs between $3 and $4) ebook purchase of Paint Chips will go to The Hope Project. I’m excited to use this book to help rehabilitate victims of trafficking in my own state.

How can you help me raise funds? Here’s a list…

1. If you haven’t downloaded the book…go for it! This is the BEST month for you to do so. Just go to Amazon if you have a Kindle or Barnes and Noble if you have a Nook.

2. Tell your friends! Share about this fundraiser on Twitter, Facebook, Google+…where ever!

3. If you’ve already purchased the book, would you consider donating directly to The Hope Project? Every little bit helps. They also have tshirts for sale. I LOVE this one and plan on purchasing it for myself! 

4. Consider how you can collect extra money to donate to a cause that fights human trafficking. Collect pop cans. Rake leaves. Get creative. Every dollar makes a difference!

Human Trafficking is a problem 27 million people live every day. But it is very possible for us to do something to stop it! Hope is a very powerful thing.

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