Best Seller Shelf

Earlier today I had the pleasure of discussing Paint Chips with the Tommy and Brook Book Club at Baker Book House.

It was a whole lot of fun and I got to see some fabulous friends.

Tommy and Brook from Star 105.7
Tommy and Brook from Star 105.7

While there, I noticed that Paint Chips…my little novel…was on a very special shelf.

The Baker Book House Best Seller shelf.


I didn’t even put the book there. I asked one of the employees and she said that, indeed, it was legit.

Here’s the proof.

The Best Seller sign even matches the cover of Paint Chips!
The Best Seller sign even matches the cover of Paint Chips!

I was so excited. And giddy. And very grateful for the wonderful people in Grand Rapids who have made their purchases at our local and very happy book store.

Then I realized I was on a shelf with Kyle Idleman. I met him this time last year at a conference. We have mutual friends.

But when I got home, I laughed at this picture.

The title of Kyle Idleman’s book made me chortle.

“Not a Fan.”

And it’s hanging out WAY on the other side of the shelf.

Clearly, it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

(FYI: if you don’t live in West Michigan, but plan to purchase a paperback copy of Paint Chips, how about you give Baker Book House a jingle. They can ship it to you. It’s a whole lot better to support the independent book sellers than the big online conglomerate.)


8 Comments on “Best Seller Shelf

  1. That is great, Susie! My daughter and I appreciated your book. She has worked with
    women in India who have been enslaved. Enjoy your parents visit!


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