The Day Purple Boy Visited

Yesterday, I felt completely overwhelmed. After an afternoon of editing, I’d retrieved the kids from school, gotten them to lug all their gear inside. Got the homework folder out. Found snacks. Tried to figure out dinner. Started to pack one lunch for the next day…

Then I heard it. The knock on the door.

Thinking it was the guy from the electric company (not the show…the actual guy), I huffed to the door.

“Ugh!” I said under my breath. “This is not a good time.”

Opening the door, I found the most unusual person/place/thing/etc. on my porch.



It was a purple boy.

My neighbor boy stood on my porch in a full body suit made entirely of purple. I nearly cried from the laughter.

It was just what I needed.

Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed, I need a reminder that life is funny. That it’s full of delight and love and silliness. I just have to remember to see it.

Tell me: What makes you remember to delight in life? What is it that will pull you from a bad mood? I love to hear what you have to say!



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