This morning, I had a first! I got to sit in a RADIO STUDIO! Star 105.7 (the big top 40 station here in Grand Rapids) and record an interview with Tommy and Brook (hosts of the morning show).

Seriously, they have beautiful speaking voices. I tried to keep mine from sounding like a chipmunk.

Tommy and Brook host a book club each month in collaboration with Baker Book House. And they’ve graciously decided to feature PAINT CHIPS for the month of September.


There’s that chipmunk…

Anyway, in order to promote the book club, I got to record with the two of them. They asked about the book, human trafficking, and my little writing career.

But, here’s the kicker. My favorite part was when Brook asked how it is that PAINT CHIPS has gone “international” and has so many “fans”.

My response?

“I’ve got really great friends.”

Because it’s true. I really do. Thank you all so much for the massive support.

It turns out, talking with Tommy and Brook was a blast. They were very kind and encouraging. I’ll post the date and time of the interview next week. Even out of town/country friends can listen online!

Firsts can be a little scary. But this first (being in a radio studio) was great!

So, your turn! Tell me about a “first” you’ve had. Was it scary? How did it turn out? I love to hear what you have to say.

10 Comments on “Radio!!!!

  1. Well . . . I got a book character named after me! *insert big, cheesy grin here*

    Seriously, though — I am so enormously, extremely, insanely proud of you. You continue to inspire, encourage, and teach others. You truly deserve all the accolades. So, sit back and bask in the glow for a while. You’ve earned it.


  2. I’m bummed I wasn’t able to hear it – it was on right before I got to work and I even got there early to try to catch it. However, I hear them advertising your book all day and I even heard the little clip they kept playing about redemption. Sounds like it went great!


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