Congratulations to Jamie Young! You won the lovely Paint Chips tote bag! Make sure you email me with your address. Thanks to all of you for pushing Paint Chips on your friends. It’s working! If you want…let them all know that PC is on sale at Barnes & Noble for only $13.08 (online only). It appears that Amazon has a delay in shipping (maybe they sold all their copies?), so we really need to start emptying B&N now! 

Last week, my neighborhood flooded. Waist deep in some areas. Chest deep in others.

100 of my neighbors were evacuated. They packed up a few valuables and walked down the side walk and onto school buses that took them to a Red Cross shelter.

50 of my neighbors had to get boat rides out of their homes.

1 family, a street over, had their basement wall cave in.

A whole bunch of people are drying out their basements. Trying to recover what they can.

My house is completely dry. 100 yards down the street both ways, massive puddles turned into destructive flooding.

But we were okay.

The police set up check points to restrict traffic on our road and to prevent looters.

My family had offers from several friends to let us stay in their homes, to help with any flood clean up we might need, the use of a super awesome generator (so our milk wouldn’t  spoil), a coffee for me and hot cocoa for the kiddos when it got cold.

I don’t mind telling you that having people who want to take care of us and help us makes this girl feel very loved.

Stay tuned. Wednesday, I’ll announce another really fun contest. Oh…and watch for pictures from my very first ever book signing! 


2 Comments on “FLOOD!

  1. I’m thankful that your home and family were spared! That’s a miracle. And you could be a blessing to many others I’m sure. Pass it on.


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