Paperback Dropped and a Give-Away!

The paperback of Paint Chips is in the hands of people across the country. Wow. Wow. Wow. 

So, I need some help spreading the news. And I need your help.

PC tote bagA Fabulous Paint Chips Tote Bag! Seriously, folks, you can’t find this kind of beauty at stores…

So. You wanna know how you can enter to win?

I thought you might.

1. Post the link to Paint Chips from either Amazon OR Barnes & Noble 

Make sure you tag me or add the link to your link in the comments below. You get an extra entry for each time you post between now and the end of the contest.

2. Share the book trailer! It’s gorgeous. It’s fabulous. And I’m really proud of it! Again, make sure you tag me when you post it!

3. “Like” my author page! I’m at 480 likes. I’d LOVE to get to 500! Oh…and extra points for asking your friends to “like” it too! Go HERE to “like” it. 

4. Come up with some other creative and fun way of telling people about Paint Chips! Let me know what you did in the comments for 2 extra entries into the contest.

Thanks, Friends. You all make this a very fun and exciting adventure for me! 

Contest ends at Midnight on Sunday, April 21. The winner will be announced on the blog the next day. 



2 Comments on “Paperback Dropped and a Give-Away!

  1. Okay, I posted your Amazon link AND the Barnes and Noble Link on my Facebook page, along with your trailer for the book. I have already liked your author page, so I can’t do it again :-(. Sorry! I shared your book with a woman who was getting a pedicure next to me. She had a Kindle and was typing in books as fast as I could name off the titles! 🙂 Plus the boring way of sharing it on Facebook and one of my friends said thanks for the suggestion! Another thing I did was purchase two extras to give away as gifts!


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