An Open Letter to Winter


No, I’m not even going to open this letter by calling you “dear”. Because you are not dear. Not by the end of March.

You’re hanging on too long. You need to learn how to let go. Land the plane, Winter.

You, my not-friend, are like a novel that I just wish would end. You started out okay with Christmas. Gave us a drama filled middle with all the arctic blasts and snow days. But then, you gave us way too many false endings. Too many unfulfilled teasers.

The problem? At this point, with a novel, I can skim to the end. Or donate the stinking thing to the library.

It’s time to wrap it up. Take your gloomy skies and frigid air (they weren’t likable characters, anyway). Give us a little resolution with the return of warmth and sunshine (they really should have been given larger parts).

Nobody’s impressed by how you’re going on and on, here. So. Just end it.

Love Sincerely

Susie…And most everybody else.

What about you? Are you sick of winter? Ready to get on with Spring? Ever read a novel that just would NOT END?

5 Comments on “An Open Letter to Winter

  1. I am not dying to get rid of winter – yet! I’m still bearing the scars of last year’s early spring that left us fruitless – no apples, cherries, pears, and the ones we had were EXPENSIVE!!! So I’m letting winter have her way this year – no yearning for coatless walks, open windows, robins in the lawn. They’ll come soon enough. No apple blossoms before the threat of a hard freeze is gone!!!

    On the other hand, I HAVE read a novel that I thought would never end. It was a good book, too. It just seemed to have gone on one generation too long, and I never finished it. I probably had about 20 pages to go, too!!! So I can understand your feelings!

    Keep your chin up, chica; and use that imagination to create your own personal spring!!! I have my own personal summers, rather regularly! Maybe that’s why I’m not too impatient for spring! Like I said, it’ll be here soon enough! Blessings!!


  2. I just want to say, I was doing the normal checking of the Monday work email and then it refreshed with an update from your blog. You have made my normally frustrating Monday better by being frustrated. 😀
    I completely understand your sentiments and I concur with them. I think you have a real fighting chance with this letter because you were respectful but also very firm in your stance.
    If you need petition signers, I will be at the top of the list. 😀

    AKA Paul


  3. I’ve certainly had enough of the snow, too. But it will be bad if spring rushes in prematurely. I guess I’ll just wait — and complain.

    (Thanks for a clever post!)


  4. Winter,
    I too am tired of trying to be positive about you. I gave it a real effort to love you to the end, what with our drought last summer and all, but it’s over our time has come to an end. Please leave and know that when you caused my snow blower to break we were through. It’s not me it’s you…


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