Life Trumps Blog

I fully intended to write a blog post last night.

But, instead, I sat on the couch with my hubby.

I planned to write one this morning.

But my in-laws are visiting from a couple thousand miles away. We sat at the table and worked puzzles with the kids. Then had lunch.

This afternoon seemed a good time.

But I collected documents and dropped them off at the school my kids will attend this fall.

Then, I got home. And emailed a few friends, a few editors, gave my kids some carrots.

And this. This post is short.

Because I need to work on my novel. Make dinner. Find the bottom of my sink.

Life trumps blog. Every time.

Do you ever have to put off a task so that you are able to live life? What are you glad to “back-burner” for the sake life?

3 Comments on “Life Trumps Blog

  1. Ha! I HEAR YOU!! My answer is the same as yours (and, ironically, I blogged about it this morning!). Blogging.
    Well, housework goes first, and then blogging.


  2. Sometimes life is more important than a blog! You kept it short and sweet, we know you’re there, what you’re doing, but you kept your priorities in order! Good job, girlie! 🙂


  3. Earlier in life I had a tendency to put work before family and duty before friends. Although it took a while, I think I’ve finally learned to make the right things a priority.


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