J is for Jot

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Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the premier Jot Writers Mini-Conference. Four gentlemen (a writing group known as The Weaklings) planned, hosted, presented, and encouraged a whole bunch of Grand Rapids area writers. One evening, 15 minute sessions, no cost mini-conference. The idea was crazy. But it worked.

Andrew RogersJosh MoseyBob Evenhouse , and Matthew Landrum spoke about such things as Flash Fiction , 3 Things Publishers Like to See on Book Proposals, Novel Writing/Drafting , and Finding Your Material. At the conclusion of the evening, Josh interviewed Chad R. Allen, editorial director of Baker Book Publishing. Chad answered questions about the publishing world. They even talked about Amish Vampire Novels. No really.   (Go ahead and click on the titles to watch the presentations on YouTube).


I was impressed that the evening worked. That nearly 60 people attended (The Weaklings anticipated 20). That the content was so rich, especially for a free event. That, even though each presenter spoke from a different genre, the entire evening was applicable to different types of writing. They made the evening relevant. I truly appreciated that.

I am eagerly anticipating the next Jot event. I love spending time with other writers.


6 Comments on “J is for Jot

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Susie! It was great to see you there. You failed to mention that you were our receptionist at the door. Thanks for managing the sign-in process for us. It freed us up to hob-nob with the attendees. 😉


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