Lovie Dovie

Congratulations to Darcie Apple! She won The Book Monster! And Congrats to Anne Ferris! She won the Paint Chips MUG! 


A stack of printable, color-able, cut-out-able paper hearts on my desk. Bag of conversation hearts and little jar of red sprinkles on the kitchen counter. Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards waiting to be played.

{Sigh} Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

And {sigh} love is in the air.

So, I thought I’d write a little about this guy…

>Feeling Ugly At the Zoo

This is my hubby. His name is Jeff. Yesterday, it was confirmed by my 6 year old that he is, indeed, my Valentine.

I’m a lucky girl, huh?

Well, you should know that he is more than the sum of his handsome face. He, my friends, is a good man. A godly man. And he sure does love me.

I like being able to brag on him.

When I wrote Paint Chips, I needed to write two good men into the lives of Cora and Dot. Men who would help them to heal. Men that could show how really great a man can be. These characters were Steven and Paul.

Many of the qualities in both characters were modeled after Jeff. Sense of humor, confidence, readiness to help out, integrity. Desire to seek God’s plan. Desire to provide for family.

My husband has been one of the ways that God shaped my life. Jeff is a gift, a blessing, and beyond what I imagined a husband to be.

He is my very best Valentine ever.

jeff and sooze

Tell me, who is your Valentine? Now, I don’t necessarily mean a spouse or romantic thing…but someone who is a blessing in your life. Someone you might say is a blessing from God?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. It’s okay to gush over the people we love!


4 Comments on “Lovie Dovie

  1. You know who my Valentine is – after all, you lived with us for a few months, right? But when Greg was reading Paint Chips, he’d say stuff like, “She’s at Great Lakes meeting the people”. “She just met Jeff Finkbeiner”. COOL!!! I’m so glad he’s YOUR Valentine, because you both deserve each other!!


    • Ha! Yes. And I’m so thankful for the example of marriage that I have in you and Greg. 🙂

      It’s fun to have people read those personal touches. And Jeff’s so good, you know I had to write him in!

      Thanks, Debra. So sweet!


  2. O.K. So I seriously just did a little happy dance! My kids will love this book. 🙂 I never realized that it was Jeff in Paint Chips. You guys are a great couple doing amazing things in God’s kingdom!

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure you know who my valentine is. 🙂 I think he’s pretty special.


    • Yay! I’m so glad you did a happy dance! 🙂

      Yup. Jeff made his way in. He’s a good one. And you’ve got a pretty great Valentine, too. He’s a nice feller, that Ryan.


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