Lights. Cameras. Action!

Congratulations to Anne Ferris for winning the “What’s Your Story” necklace!ย 

Friday morning, I woke up far earlier than usual. I’m NOT a morning person. I do NOT function well until 3/4 way through my first cup of coffee. And, on Friday morning, I left the house with only 1/2 a cup.

I picked up some doughnuts (or donuts…which is correct???) and a mocha from Tim Horton’s (oh, Canada, thank you for sharing) and headed to the home of Andy and Anne Ferris. They have an older house that they opened up for us to use for filming.

My kids call it the “Raggedy House”. You know. Raggedy Anne and Andy…

Anyway. We got to the house. Ate donuts/doughnuts (seriously, my spell check is fine with both spellings). Drank coffee. Watched the film crew set up.

My old college pal Kris Bargen, setting up the camera stuff with all kinds of fancy names.
Jesse Low and Jeff Butler setting up the door
Jesse Low and Jeff Butler setting up the door

After figuring out where to place the lights,how to adjust the kitchen curtains, where to put the door, camera angles, and about a kazillion other details that I had NO IDEA were so important (big props to people who know how to do all this kind of work), we were ready for the camera to start filming.

The director (Jesse Low) actually hollered, “Quiet On The Set”.

Paint chips

Kris and Jesse working the Movie Magic
Kris and Jesse working the Movie Magic


Melissa Anschutz as Cora Schmidt
Melissa Anschutz as Cora Schmidt, walking toward “The Door”
Angles and lighting and timing...oh my!
Angles and lighting and timing…oh my!

Several takes later, the film crew moved next door to film in the basement of Andy and Anne’s neighbor. They used another neighbor’s porch. The park down the street. A street down town.

I know these guys worked hard and long on Friday to film for my book trailer.

It is work that requires patience. Knowledge. Equipment. Talent.

I’m so excited to view the trailer. But, really, I’m most excited to be able to share it with all of you.

So, today we’re celebrating with a give-away. Because it’s December and we can do that!

Archer Farms French Vanilla coffee...just enough for one pot...and "Christmas Classics: the story behind 40 favorite carols"
Archer Farms French Vanilla coffee…just enough for one pot…and “Christmas Classics: the story behind 40 favorite carols”

To enter the drawing, leave a comment below.

Have a great day!





18 Comments on “Lights. Cameras. Action!

  1. Yay! Also, totally can’t wait to see the trailer . Glad the whole neighborhood got into the shot. Woot for the West Side!!


  2. Will the trailer be out for everyone to see, or is this for retailers? Susie this is so exciting for you and those who know you.


  3. How exciting to have been there for the filming (but they use video tape, not film, right?). I am envious — and can’t wait to see the trailer.

    (For the record, I don’t drink coffee, so I’m taking myself out of this drawing, too.)


  4. Susie, I have been filmed and helped actors through the paces for Exxon training films. I as a child and teen wanted to be an actor. After doing this film, there is no way. The set up time and doing the same scene over and over again would drive me crazy. My hat is off to you. Uncle-in-law Steve


    • Uncle-in-law Steve,
      I wanted to be an actress at one point. I would have picked the stage, though. There is just something about the instant response. Yes, the amount of effort that goes into a 30-45 second film is excruciating! I’m so glad that I hired some pretty talented professionals to do the work for me.


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