Butterflies and More Butterflies…And a Give-Away!

Hello! As much as I hate housekeeping, I need to do a tiny bit. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll make it quick.

1. Congratulations to Elizabeth from Texas Schmexas. She won the journal! (by the way, you should check out Elizabeth’s blog…it’s all about community).

2. I just set up “Paint Chips” on Goodreads. If you would, could you please, please put it on your “to read” list? You can click HERE or click on the link over there on the right of your screen. 


Today, I’m nervous. My tummy feels full of overly caffeinated butterflies. It’s not pretty.

Today, my book trailer is being filmed. Today, I meet two professional actresses. They are playing the parts of my 2 main characters in “Paint Chips”. These actresses will move  within characters who lived inside me for so long. Characters who I’ve lived with for years.

That is a crazy idea.

My imagination coming to life.

This whole novel business has gone so much farther than I ever hoped or dreamed.

Thank you all for being with me through this. Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely occupation. I am so glad that I don’t have to be alone. I have been deeply moved by your support.

You make the butterflies calm down a bit.

Bless you.


Today I’m giving away a “What’s Your Story” necklace.

WYS raspberry black


To enter, just leave a comment below. Tell me your very favorite color! That way, if  you win, I can make sure you get a great color for your necklace. I’ll draw a winner Sunday night and announce on Monday.

(to see more jewelry, check out my Etsy shop…this month 50% goes to a missionary who serves in the Dominican Republic and Haiti…plug, plug)

15 Comments on “Butterflies and More Butterflies…And a Give-Away!

  1. Thanks, Susie! (This is not meant as an entry into the new contest, just a note of gratitude.)



  2. Thank your mother-in-law for including me in your blog post. Remember today is Pearl Harbor Day, we are free today because of the brave. My favorite color is brown, fancy that.


  3. How incredibly exciting to see people in your book come to life. I hope you’ll post a link to the trailer when it comes out.

    (I’ll pass on being part of the drawing — I don’t think I can pull off wearing a necklace.)


  4. I never realized that a trailer was necessary for a book. In the long-dim past, there were these people called “book pre-viewers” who would preview a book and provide tantilizing commentary on the book before it came out in print. And people would get all excited about it from reading the commentary and they would go down to their local bookstore (the one on the corner with the big, comfy Reading Chair and the pictures of Pooh and Piglet on the wall) and talk to the proprietor, whom they had known for years and years, since they were little tykes being dragged around by their mother on her numerous shopping trips downtown; and he would take off his little, round spectacles and dust them off carefully with his handkerchief (which he kept in his left-hand shirt pocket) and pull out his notebook and write down their names along with the name of the book they wished to read; and then, sometime in the afternoon, when the young girl from the high school had come in to work the register for a couple of hours, he would go back to the little room in the back of the shop and call the book distributors to find out which one might have the book available. And then he would let them know that he had a few interested customers, and would they mind sending him a dozen copies or so? And they would thank him politely for his order, and he would hang up the phone. And a week or two later, a little box would arrive in the mail, and inside would be a dozen copies of the book. And he would pull out his notebook and find the list of all the customers who had requested the book, and he would call them all in turn to let them know that the book was in. And the next day, they would come in and excitedly pick up the book and smile warmly at the proprietor as they turned to go out of the shop; and as soon as they turned away, the book would fall open and the happy customer would start reading it, sometimes with so much concentration that they would not remember the journey home.

    I often enjoyed reading those previews. I wonder what it will be like to watch a book trailer? Should I make some popcorn first?

    My favorite color is, of course, blue.


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