How Much is Too Much? Coffee, That Is.

When I was a teenager, attending a Christian school, the question on all of our minds was…

“How Far Is TOO Far?”

If you spent any amount of time in a youth group, I bet you either asked that question or heard others asking it.

It’s a silly question.

Now that I’m an adult, the question on my mind is…

“How Much Coffee Is TOO Much?”


Not such a silly question.

The last month has required stupid amounts of mud in my mug.

*NaNoWriMo. Writing 50,000+ words in 15 days.

*Cleaning my house for a guest.

*Having said guest here…which was fantastic.

*Thanksgiving…2 of them.

*Working on a collection of short stories.

*Getting myself ready for the “Great Give-Away Month of December” (more details on Monday).

*Talking with the fellers at Yellow Jacket Films and Jungle Light Studios about my super fantastic soon to be filmed book trailer for “Paint Chips”.

*Counting down the days to the release of “Paint Chips” (46 as of today)

*Home schooling, mothering, and general life

So. How much coffee is too much?

Today, in this gloomy West Michigan atmosphere, I say…

As Much As It Takes.

Now, I KNOW that I’m not the busiest person in the whole world. And I KNOW that you’re busy, too. So, make sure you give yourself a little grace. Drink another cup of Joe. Breathe deeply. We’re going to make it.

Tell me, what do you do when life is overwhelming? What’s your favorite coffee? You wanna share a cuppa with me sometime?

6 Comments on “How Much is Too Much? Coffee, That Is.

  1. I go sit at Ella’s in my favorite seat in the corner next to all the windows so if there is any sunlight it’s all MINE. And then I drink either a chai charger, or my current favorite seasonal drink, which right now is an eggnog latte. I do my Bible study or read or write. And after “alone” time but surrounded by my coffee shop peeps, I feel so much better. Yes, you should join me sometime soon 🙂


  2. No drink on earth can improve on the soothing touch of my fingers upon the neck of my guitar, and the gentle vibration of the strings as they send their messages of harmony and peace to the receptive machinations of my inner ear. My savage, over-anxious beast is best tamed by the stream of refreshing notes and chords which pour out from the soundboard and cascade like a musical rainbow through the bone-dry gullies of my inner world, filling me up with overflowing joy.

    But I wouldn’t object to an ice-cold Coca-Cola.


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