Unending Devotion (Discussion of Jody Hedlund’s Newest Novel)

Fiction is a powerful tool. Many an author has used it as a device to inform, convict, to evoke the desire for justice and mercy in the hearts of the reader.

John Steinbeck used it to awaken a nation to the plight of those exploited during the Oklahoman Migration.

Charles Dickens used it to highlight the dangers of inequality.

Harriet Beecher Stowe used it to ignite compassion for those enslaved in the Pre-War South.

Harper Lee used it to remind a nation that we cannot understand a person until we’ve gone for a walk in their shoes…even if that person is very much different than we are.

I’ve noticed, recently, that many writers are once again championing causes. No. Not causes. They are championing people. The Christian Literature scene has not been an exception. And, for that, I am pleased.

Jody Hedlund (author of “The Doctor’s Lady” and “The Preacher’s Bride”) has recently joined the list of championing writers. In her most recent novel, “Unending Devotion”, Ms. Hedlund writes the story of one woman who struggles to set free girls and women who have been exploited in the brothels of 19th Century Michigan. She writes the story of an Abolitionist. One who fights for the freedom of others.

“Unending Devotion” is written with such compassion, dignity, accuracy. Ms. Hedlund developed characters that break the heart, instill hope, inspired the reader to realize that we can all do something. In her story, set well over a century ago, she reminds the reader that sex slavery is nothing new. Also, that slavery never truly ended at all. It just changed.

As many of you know, I am passionate about the end of slavery. Reading this book inspired me. Reminded me that, even in the dark moments, Christ triumphs. He desires that all live Freely. And that I am capable of participating in that Freedom.

Jody Hedlund used her abilities, her words, her passion to illustrate the struggle of those who desire freedom for others. And to show the possibility and the importance of that work.

This novel is classified as “historical fiction”. That may be. However, I think that also could don the title of “justice and mercy fiction”.

(Note: I received a complimentary copy of this novel for an honest review. My opinion of this book was not influenced by this fact. I truly believe that Ms. Hedlund has a a book that will impact her readers and cause them to delve deeper into the cause for Freedom.)

2 Comments on “Unending Devotion (Discussion of Jody Hedlund’s Newest Novel)

  1. Awesome review. I, too, reviewed this book on my blog. It is definitely my favorite of hers… so far!
    Our church has spent some time educating the body on the problem of sex trafficking in today’s world. This novel hit home with me. It showed just how easy an innocent girl can be taken into the dark world of sex trafficking. It’s not just history–it’s current.

    Bravo on a well-written review.


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