Getting Ready For The Big Launch

“Paint Chips” releasing as an ebook January, 2013 and Paper book April, 2013

January is coming.

Oh, I know. We’ve got all of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year between now and then. But January really is coming.

For real.

In just over four months.

Excuse me…I’m feeling a bit dizzy at the moment. I’ll be fine. I will. Anybody have a paper bag I can hyperventilate into?


All better.

Do you know why January has me all uppity? Because it’s the release month for the ebook of “Paint Chips” (my novel, published by WhiteFire Publishing).

And I need help.

From YOU!

I’m forming my Official Launch Team.

Let me give you the down low (or low down? I get that mixed up all the time) on Launch Teams. Basically, it is the group of amazing, fabulous people who commit to spreading the word about a book/album/movie/etc. They use their circle of influence (friends, family, social media, blog, and more) to rocket launch the project.

Sounds like a pretty cool team to join. Right?

Maybe we should have T-Shirts made up with our little nicknames on the back.

No really. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Well, anyway, back to me needing your help.

I’ve got infinite positions on this Launch Team. No try outs. Everybody who wants to participate is on the team! And no bench warmers!

Here’s what I’ll need:

-Bloggers. Lots of them. To interview me on their blogs (we can even try a video blog…ooo…fancy), review my book (kind honesty is important), etc. I will link up your blog to mine as well as on Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you have 5,000 followers or 5. Every single reader matters. And you, dear Bloggy friends matter, too.

-Social media gurus. Many of them. To link the Amazon page (once “Paint Chips” is up for sale) to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (do people use that?), Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads…and any other that pop up in the next few months.

-Reviewers to go on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads to leave gently honest reviews.

-Book clubs! I’m looking for groupings of readers that are willing to read the book. Then I will come to your group (either in person or via Skype) to discuss the book. Added bonus: Coffee and chocolate. 🙂

-Churches that will invite me to speak. Different themes on which I could speak (that relate to the book): Depression/Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking in the United States, Reconciliation. Or I could do a reading, discuss the book as a whole, question and answer session. (This would also work for any kind of group). NOT in the West Michigan area? I can figure out a Skype event, too.

And more and more and more. I could go on forever.

I heard a story once about a New York Times Bestselling writer. His first book had just been released and yet to garner the HUGE attention he’d wanted. His mom contacted all of her friends for help. Whenever they went to the bookstore, these ladies would find this author’s book and turn the cover face out (so that it would grab shoppers’ attention). They would pick up the book and carry it over to the Bestseller rack. They told everyone they knew to buy the book. And, you know what? It worked.

And that was before social media took over the world.

Friends, I have been more and more convinced over the past few months that I have some of the greatest support known to man. Your enthusiasm for “Paint Chips” is both humbling and heartwarming. You have made me feel loved.

Thank you.

And, would you pretty please be willing to join my Official Launch Team?

Everyone who joins the team will receive a coupon code (in their inbox) for 10% off at my Etsy shop (click HERE to see the shop). I know it’s not much…but it’s what I can do right now. (And 50% of the original purchase price will still be used to raise funds for great causes).

So, if you’re willing, please let me know in the comments (also letting me know how you’d like to help). Or you can email me at

Thank you, All. You are, without a doubt, the best.

Much love.

19 Comments on “Getting Ready For The Big Launch

  1. I’m super in. I love media floods!

    I really do need to get my olde blog up and running again one of these days….Also, one of the girls who would totally do a book club with me has a blog and pretty much all she does is review books.


  2. I’m super in! I need to get ye olde blog up and running again anyway. 🙂

    I also have a girlfriend (who would be in my bookclub) who has a blog and pretty much all she does is review books.

    YAY Susie!


  3. I will help! I will social media you, review you on Amazon, and go to bookstores! I like moving things around…hehehe


  4. I can help! I can spread the word via social media! I can leave reviews too! Whatever u think! 🙂


  5. I’m in. I’d be happy to review the book on my blog and then re-post it on Goodreads, Amazon, and My blog posts also go on Facebook and Twitter. We should also put something on the Breathe Conference blog and FB.

    Are you familiar with the ministry called Women At Risk (WAR)? Among many other things, it’s a ministry that fights trafficking around the world. My mom is on their board. If you’re book is about trafficking or abuse it might be something they’d be interested in selling in their stores. They sell other fiction books that help spread awareness about trafficking (I’m thinking of Patricia McCormick’s “Sold” here…) I can’t promise anything, but I can at least make sure they are aware of your book.

    Exciting stuff! Keep me informed and I’ll help how I can.


    • Thanks so much, Andrew! I really appreciate it.

      Yes. I am very familiar with WAR. And that would be fantastic. Thanks for the offer.

      I’ll be in touch for sure. 🙂


      • I thought that you probably were. (Forgive me for preaching to the choir…) Have you met Becky MacDonald, the WAR director? I’d recommend sending her a copy of the print edition once you’ve got one.


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