And The Winner Is…


Monday I put up a give away here on the blog. You would enter to win a fabulous piece of jewelry from my Etsy Shop, Inspired Novelties. Fun, right?

Come here.

I have to tell you a secret.

It was really a ploy to raise funds for The Manasseh Project. (read about them HERE).

And, know what? It worked.

Thanks to everyone for helping me support this great cause. I’m continuing to raise funds for this organization through the rest of July. 50% of the purchase price of each item on my Etsy shop goes directly to them.

It’s a good thing.

Now. I’m sure you’d love to know who won the fabulous jewelry of their choice.


The winner is….


Jennifer “Bear” Gusey!


Congrats, Bear. Go ahead and pick out anything from the Etsy shop.

And, even though you are receiving the jewelry for free, I will still put 50% of the purchase price of whatever you pick into the funds for The Manasseh Project!


Check back later today to read about something that made me cry.

In both a good way and a bad way.

Don’t make me cry by not coming back to read that post.

Thanks, friends.


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