Emily Flower Necklace
Necklace For Sale At My Etsy Shop. 50% of sales go to The Manasseh Project.

I have a great passion in my life. A passion that has driven me for the past three years.

I want people to be Free.

Sadly, approximately 27 million people in our world are slaves.

27 million.

More than the population of Australia. (They’re right around 22 million)

Staggering. Unbelievable. Disgusting.

Yet, hopeful.

My novel “Paint Chips” (ebook set to be released in January, 2013 and paper back will be out April, 2013 with WhiteFire Publishing) is partially set in a safe house for girls who have been exploited. Forced to be sex slaves. In Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Unfortunately, that is based on reality.

So. What do we do? We learn more about the problem (check out The Manasseh Project’s website, listed below). We pray for wisdom. We donate (again, see link below). We volunteer (check out Michigan Abolitionist Project’s site HERE for information).

Or…check out what’s up this month!

Well, this month, 50% of all the money I take in at my Etsy shop, Inspired Novelties, will go directly to “The Manasseh Project”, a program designed specifically for the victims of criminal sexual exploitation (read, sexual slavery) in West Michigan. I believe in the work that my friend, Andy Soper, is doing with Manasseh. I am honored to be a part of blessing them in this way. And I hope you’ll help out.

First, check out Manasseh Project by clicking HERE. I promise…they are as legitimate as it gets.

Then, go shopping at my Etsy shop. Remember 50% goes to Manasseh. So, if you spend $20, $10 goes right to Manasseh (the other $10 to cover the cost of supplies). Check out Inspired Novelties HERE. (by the way, all the jewelry at my shop is based on literature…it’s a fun idea from my writing gal pal Amelia Rhodes)

Thanks, friends. I look forward to working with you to make a BIG difference in this world!

Also, see Better Way Imports to learn about sex trafficking worldwide and to order great gifts that impact the freedom of hundreds of women!

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  2. You inspire me Ms. Susie! I love your passion and the way your compassion for causes prompts you to take action…going over to check out these sites.


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