>He Loves Us. Oh, How He Loves Us All.

>Bad things happen. Bad people often make those bad things happen.

While reading a section of “Half The Sky” by Nick Kristoff I became overwhelmed. I was beyond grieved by the evil that is done in this world. It is incomprehensible the damage that one creature of God can commit to another creature of God. How could one made in the image of that all loving deity destroy the body of another? I will never understand. I had to put the book down on the nightstand. I had to place another volume atop it. I had to turn off the light.

I had to pray.

God, make me forget what I just read. I don’t want to think about it again.

The Heavenly Father answered my prayer with a clear and devastating “no”.

He wants me to keep that in my heart. He wants that heart to break for His beloveds who are hurt. And so, I must be mindful.

I decided to think of the hope that those victims have. The missionaries that can assist them. Education is spreading across the globe. And that learning is changing so many of these terrible acts of violence, dominance and exploitation.

Ah. That’s better.

The next day I was driving. David Crowder was singing of the love of God. Oh, how He loves us. I was struck by how undeserved I was of that adoration. I was moved at the measure of His great love for the widow, the orphan, the marginalized, the abused. Yeah, He loves us all.

He loves us…all? All? No, Lord. Not ALL of us. Not the dark, evil, cruel enemies.

No. Please, God, no.

“Yes” the Holy Spirit whispered. “I love them too. And you must also.”

A wave of humility flowed over me. I was hit by my own depravity. I am a sinner. In that sin I am an enemy of Christ.

My sin. The sin of others. It all gathers together in a mess of muck. It is putrid, disgusting, horrifying. And it all…all…all is what Jesus came to defeat.

He loves us. Oh, how He loves us all.

2 Comments on “>He Loves Us. Oh, How He Loves Us All.

  1. >what a great first post…i really look forward to reading your blog. the song you mentioned ministered so heavily to me after my sister was killed. God touched my heart so deeply with the truth that He is enough. even if we all endured a life of suffering and wrongdoing His love would still be enough. I imagine that's probably how Job felt.


  2. >I can not imagine all the suffering you faced at the tragic loss of your sister. But the fact that you opened yourself up to hear God for His comfort is such a testimony to your strength in Him. He is enough, isn't He? But we don't always remember that in the good times.


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