>The Tale of the Periwinkle Peacock

>I am just a little different.

One would think that a 32 year old woman would have figured this out 25 years ago. But…like I said…I’m different.

Can I just tell you that this realization was earth shattering. That I didn’t see this knowledge coming. I ended up in a crisis of ideology for which I hadn’t planned (does anyone ever plan such a crisis??).

To me the world is ripe with possibility! That people are generally good…and full of good intentions! That we all have such great jobs to do to better this world! Exclamation point…exclamation point…exclamation point! ! !

After all, what does the Gospel say? Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be taken care of! There is an abundant life for you in Christ! And if tomorrow is a tough day and that abundance seems to be slow coming…well, there’s always that place that Jesus is going to prepare for us!

So, smile! Rejoice in all things! Be that bright, sparkling, beautiful light! We’re all going to be okay!

For 32 years I believed that everyone held these sunny ideals.

But, golly gee, Pollyanna…was I ever wrong.

After listening to negativity spew from a sister Christian I realized that she didn’t think of the world the way I did. She saw the world through very, very different eyes.

And then my eyesight changed too.

I started seeing people doubt that life would ever be good. Friends who questioned the love of Jesus. Family members who are stuck in the muck of hopelessness.

Suddenly I realized that I was not like most people.

I felt like a periwinkle peacock among a world of vibrant blues and greens. I was similar…but not quite the same.

What was wrong with me? Should I change? Might realism make me more equipped to face this broken world?

And then the answers came.

Oh, thank You, Holy Spirit for Your comfort!

Nothing was wrong with me! I should embrace the way I was created in the Lord’s image! He has given me the tools to journey through this crazy, pain-filled, roaming people. And one of those God given tools was a belief that this world can be a better place to the Glory of God!

So, here I am. I don’t ask you to agree with me. I don’t expect you to like me (although that would be nice).

All I ask is that you allow me to fight for a better world.

3 Comments on “>The Tale of the Periwinkle Peacock

  1. >I know what you mean! It was a shock (and still is) to find out how some people view our world. The ones who are angry at everything, who see their glass as 1/2 empty (and it's a spotty glass filled with a crappy beer anyway), and are always suspicious of the next persons motives. What a terrible way to spend your life! Looking to find what's wrong, who is getting more, or "getting" the other person before that person "gets" them. Mostly, I pity them. I know I can be naive, and I'm ok with that.I would rather have a few moments of naivety than a lifetime of cynicism.


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