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A Poem For Good Friday

  Anxiety is a free-fall from too-high-up, Jetting toward the rock-hard, Flailing in a grab-nothing way, Screaming in a make-no-sound panic. Anxiety is Good Friday. Not in a Sunday’s-coming hope But In a hidden-through-Jerusalem grief. Good Friday is dark Friday, Black Friday, Nothing-good-about-this-day Friday.… Continue Reading “A Poem For Good Friday”

Boasting Like Beowulf

Yesterday on Novel Matters Latayne Scott challenged us to a Beowulfian Boast. The elements of such a boast are 1. Declaring identity (who he or she is) 2. Place of origin (where he or she is from) and 3. Why he or she is fit… Continue Reading “Boasting Like Beowulf”

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