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#FBF: 5 Love Songs of the 1960s

Isn’t everyday a good day for some gushy, smooshy love songs? Sure it is! And the 1960s had a whole super ton of them. So, let’s have ourselves a little listening party here with a few of my favorites. I’m limiting myself to 5… Continue Reading “#FBF: 5 Love Songs of the 1960s”

Skipping State Solo and Ensemble

There’s something you might not know about me. In fact, if we didn’t go to high school or college together, there’s a good chance you have no idea about it. I’m a classically trained vocalist. I don’t get the chance to sing in front of… Continue Reading “Skipping State Solo and Ensemble”

Extra Outlets

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was my very own piano. I wanted to be able to play that piano, too. Not just look at it and let it collect dust. At my little old church (Calvary United Methodist in… Continue Reading “Extra Outlets”

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