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Pawn Shop

           I already drove around this block about 10 times. Past the abandoned gas station, the grungy park, the weeping willow. I know what that old tree feels, hanging low like that and looking just sad. Sucking up all the… Continue Reading “Pawn Shop”

>After the Break (short story)

>We sat in his junky red car drinking slushies. It was still so hot outside even though it had turned to fall and all the leaves were blazing orange. We were parked outside my apartment, the apartment that would be ours after our wedding… Continue Reading “>After the Break (short story)”

>Not the end (short story)

>Misty walked among the shelves of books. She was overwhelmed. So many different books. The store was huge. “Can I help you?” asked the cute, skinny girl behind the customer service counter. Her lips smiled, but not her eyes. “Um. Yes. I’m looking for… Continue Reading “>Not the end (short story)”

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