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When an Author Dies

There’s something about reading a deeply moving book that forms a kinship between author and reader, even if they’ve never met. This is the magic of literature. A few years ago I found an old, dog-eared copy of Plainsong on a “Used Book” shelf at… Continue Reading “When an Author Dies”

What’s Your Story — Golden Keyes Parsons

Today, I have the honor of introducing you to Golden Keyes Parsons. I met Golden (online, at least) a few months ago. We share a Publisher (WhiteFire Publishing), and a very tight knit publisher at that. The first of her series of novellas “Hidden… Continue Reading “What’s Your Story — Golden Keyes Parsons”

The Hopeless Road

Hey, there! Make sure you check out my Facebook page (click HERE)! A preview of the cover for “Paint Chips” is up! Seriously, the art department at WhiteFire Publishing is beyond talented!! I’m so excited! I love Dystopian Literature. There’s something about the world… Continue Reading “The Hopeless Road”

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