#FBF: Great toys of the 1960s that we still love in 2019

We have a lot of cool toy that we can thank the 1960s for. Many of these you may still have in your house now! Check it out!

Invented in 1960, more than 100 million Etch-A-Sketches have sold. You can read more EAS fun facts here.
Little Sally can be a bake sale rock star with her Easy-Bake Oven (invented in 1963)! Thank goodness for those built in safety features.

My mom wouldn’t let me have one. I had to use the real oven when I wanted to charbroil a batch of brownies.
Barbie hit the shelves in 1959 but had to wait two whole years for her boyfriend, Ken! Poor girl!
1967 the moms of the world were introduced to the joy of little colorful pegs getting lost in the shag carpet. I bet they were all SUPER pleased to have a Lite-Brite in their house!
In 1964 boys got a doll of their own to play with. Ahem. Sorry. Action figure. GI Joe went on to have his own comic books and television show. What a guy.
Because dolls aren’t creepy enough, the 1960s decided we need one that could talk! Chatty Cathy (a nickname EVERY Cathy/Kathy/Kathi I know HATES) said such things as “I hurt myself”, “I love you”, and “Let’s play school”. Dads all over America were reported to be NOT upset with the pull ring broke, rendering Cathy less than chatty.

While we may no longer have Chatty Cathies in our homes today, we may have her offspring The Ferby.
Christmas of 1968 meant boys all over the place were going to get a stocking full of Hot Wheels. Well, and some girls, too. I mean, they’re cool.

Unless you step on them in the middle of the night. Then they’re horrible.

So many GREAT toys! So much FUN! Which do you have? Which did you enjoy when you were a kid?

And, just for a fun bonus, check out this TV ad for Chatty Cathy (and keep your eyes open for Marcia Brady):

6 Comments on “#FBF: Great toys of the 1960s that we still love in 2019

  1. ALL of these were in my house as a child – other than Chatty Cathy. (G. I. Joe was NOT mine – I was a GIRL after all 😉 – but I remember my brothers playing with them for sure. I LOVED my Light Bright (but I didn’t get one for my kids – such a spoilsport I am). Fun post!


  2. Well, that was a blast from the past! I remember all of these! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  3. I collected Barbie dolls as a child and have come to collect similar beauties as an adult.

    A high school friend makes and preserves many dolls resembling Barbie and Ken. I have bought several and they really come to life with different costumes, outfits and regallia.


  4. Between the four of us in my family we had all of these except the easy bake. Barbies and Lightbrite were my favorites.


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