The Work of Your Hands

the work of

It doesn’t get old, cutting the strip of tape on the box and pulling up the flaps, scrunching up the layer of packing paper off the top to reveal stacks of your book.

Your book.

The one you cried over, stressed over, almost gave up on but didn’t. Careful as can be, you wrap your fingers around the spine of one and lift it up. The cover is even more beautiful than it looked in the email the publisher sent, the texture is more pleasing. Without thinking, you hold the book against your heart, embracing the story that came from such a depth in you.

There’s nothing like it, holding your story. The work of your hands.

My friend and fellow author Jennifer Lamont Leo recently opened the box containing her first published novel.

Untitled design (12) You’re the Cream in My Coffee (which released on Thursday) is a purely delightful book. I should know, I had the pleasure and honor of endorsing it. I do believe that you, dear friend, would very much enjoy it.

When I saw this picture of Jennifer on Facebook, I got all misty eyed, thinking of how she must be feeling. The absolute and dizzying joy, the relief, the excitement. I mean, look at her face! Can’t you feel her delight?

I know I can. And it makes me so very happy for her.

I don’t know what your “thing” is. Maybe it’s running marathons or knitting baby blankets. Perhaps you’re a musician or an accountant or a web designer or a poet. Whatever it is  you do, I hope there are moments of joy in the doing.

Sure, there are moments which find you with head on desk and a heart full of doubts. There are times when you feel the exact opposite of joy. You probably feel worn down to the core some days.

But I hope there are other days when you look at the work of your hands and marvel. Not so much at what you have created. More at what a pleasure it is to have that work to do. Because it was work given to you by the One who crafted you in His hand.

And when you sit in awe, holding the work of your hands, remember this:

When the Creator, the Father God formed you, I have no doubt that He held you and felt the joy of having you as His own.

He delighted in the work of His hands.

Untitled design (11)

Jennifer has very generously provided a give-away of her debut novel You’re the Cream in My Coffee! Just complete the action steps in the Rafflecopter link to get more entries into the drawing. I’ll announce the winner next week! Feel free to share this post so your friends can enter, too! 

NOTE: This giveaway is only for those living in United States. If you happen to live outside the US of A, the ebook version is just $1.99. Thanks for understanding.

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6 Comments on “The Work of Your Hands

  1. Encouragement and J*O*Y ~ I was invited to the local senior center to a craft morning. I stopped at three different streets trying to find the rec hall ~ finally… and late I arrived. The chair left was next to a woman who didn’t speak and was using colored pencils and photocopied pages from a coloring book. I smiled at her. She said, “I get anxious and these help to calm my hands.” I thought how generous it was that she shared that with me. Her heart solemn and quiet. I have gone back twice, not because I am at all crafty but to see the people. I have two Scripture coloring pages I printed to take to her the next time I go. I look forward to seeing her. The Lord’s gift of J*O*Y. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


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