On fitting more reading into your life

Read More Books

I read a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Part of that is because I don’t watch a ton of TV (never seen Downton Abbey…I know, I know). Also, I just truly enjoy the art of a well written story.

Still. I read a lot. And some of my friends ask me how I squeeze it all in. When I tell them, “I make time”, sometimes they think they just can’t do that.

Well, maybe you can.

Here are 5 ways to fit more reading into your life. From me to you.


1. ALWAYS carry a book with you: Wherever you go, take a book. Keep wpid-img_20150603_160207.jpgone in your car or purse or laptop case. Have an ereading app installed on your device and loaded with good books. You never know when you’ll find a minute here or there to read a little. Always – and I mean ALWAYS – have a book with you. BONUS: it makes you look cool and brainy.

2. Find what literature keeps you reading: Figure out what stories you can’t wait to come back to, read them. Or what poetry pulls at your heart or what essays grab your attention. Try different things, different genres. What excites you as a reader? Read that! BONUS: You’ll be developing your taste and your voice in the process.

3. Join/Start a book club: Book clubs are great accountability. I mean, who wants to show up for the treats just to admit that they haven’t finished the book? Join a book club or, if you can’t find one, start one with a few friends. It doesn’t have to be huge and it doesn’t have to meet every month. You’ll be surprised how meaningful it is to share a love for good literature. BONUS: The snacks! Oh, all the book club snacks!

4. Take advantage of every opportunity: Remember #1? Always have that book. And see how many opportunities you can take advantage of to read. In the line at the grocery store, waiting to pick up your kid from soccer practice, while the sauce is stewing (just don’t get the book too close to open flame). Pretend that it’s a game of how often you can pick up that book and read a paragraph! BONUS: You won’t be so irked when someone takes 15 items through the 12 item limit line.

IMG_20140615_0637285. Set goals and keep track: I set a reading goal each year. I enter that goal into Goodreads.com and update my account each time I finish a book. It’s fun to see how many books/pages I’ve read as I’m going through the year. I also fill a shelf with the books I finish and post a photo to Instagram. It’s fulfilling to share recommendations to friends and promote the work of writers I greatly admire. BONUS: At the end of the year you can celebrate your accomplishments! It’s a year long read-a-thon! Have fun!

So…how do you find/make time to read? What are you reading now? I’m always up for a recommendation! 

6 Comments on “On fitting more reading into your life

  1. OMG Susie! I’m not a boobtube watcher either. I get so much more out of the written words. I have been following your practices except the Goodreaders.com. I share my books on Facebook.

    Thanks for all you do, you fellow Michigander.


    Ingrid Frisinger


  2. Most of my reading is done in the evening after the dishes are done. That’s MY time, so I read whatever comes my way, and more recently I’ve added some of the classics back into my bookshelves to be read now that I’m more “mature.” Haha! I occasionally sneak a bit of reading time in the afternoon, but that doesn’t happen often. I always have a book with me, no matter what the circumstances. I love those few quiet moments when I can read a few more pages. Our TV is rarely used since my hubby iis also an avid reader. Only favorite sports will play in the background with the sound muted, and we can catch the score occasionally Happy Readinng through 2016!.


  3. Good advice Susie! I don’t have very many opportunities to read while waiting for practice to end, or pick up’s after school etc. so have lost some of my reading time. I do need to watch less TV and less computer time and read more. We’re reading Exodus by Leon Uris right now for book club. Have you read that book yet??


  4. In a recent conversation, a new acquaintance announced she never reads because she simply does not have time.

    I swear, I almost put my hand over my heart and had a little fainting spell.

    I wash my dishes, I parent my children, and I read. Everything else is non-essential. Who doesn’t have time to read?


  5. Having a focal point for EVERY idle moment is wise counsel, though mine is crossword more often than reading as my idle moments are generally much too brief to do justice to a good writer. You asked for book recommendations. They are not novels as you seem drawn to, yet .”The Man He Became” and “Ernie Pyle’s War” are both enlightening and masterfully written by James Tobin.


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